Anthony O’Connor Application For Waste Transfer Station – REFUSED, Again

Today Salford City Council made the decision on Anthony O’Connors application to build a waste transfer station on the land next door to Sky Properties’ proposed Incinerator site.  O’Connors previously made pretty much the same application in 2010, resulting in a refusal from the Council. Trying their luck a second time, O’Connors made some minor changes to their application and resubmitted it. Today the Council Planning and Transport Panel “REFUSED” that second application.

The main grounds by which the applications were refused were:
  • Impacts on roads due to additional HGVs – including residential amenity and the type/size of vehicle.
  • Impact on Bridgewater canal, such as visual amenity and noise.

Acceptance of this application would have marked a change of direction on Green Lane. The surrounding area is currently regenerating and casting off it’s historical 1950’s heavy industrial background. It is becoming a vibrant residential community where people are choosing to locate with their families. In addition, an acceptance could have provided further fuel for Sky’s claims that the area is appropriate for waste processing and incineration. It is not.

This refusal continues to support the ongoing planning strategy for the area.  The old GUS site on the opposite side of the canal was recently refused permission to switch use to a similar heavy industry usage.  The owner’s of the GUS subsequently aligned their plans with the Council’s strategy and the Bridgewater Master Plan, by submitting an application for residential housing. The GUS  housing application was accepted.  If Sky are watching, let them develop the same good sense as the owners of the GUS site, by realigning their objectives with the Council’s strategy.

Sky’s incinerator application shares many parallels with the one rejected today.   We will be objecting in force on the 2nd of June, when the decision is made on their nightmare incinerator.

Anthony O’Connor Application “Refused” – Council Slams Door on Waste Processing at Green Lane.

Anthony O’Connor’s application to change the use of his site on Green Lane to a “Waste Transfer Station” has been rejected.

The O’Connor application was quietly submitted late last year, without public consultation, and represented what would clearly be a foot in the door for waste processing on Green Lane.  The application was rejected on the following criteria:

a) There was not enough evidence to demonstrate the need for a waste centre contrary to the Council’s policy on  Planning for sustainable waste management.

b) There was insufficient information provided to enable the local authority to decide whether the development would have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of residents contravening several other Council policies.

c) Not enough evidence was submitted to enable the authority to decide whether the development would have an unacceptable impact on the nature conservation of the Bridgewater Canal. Putting the application at direct odds with the redevelopment of the Bridgewater Canal Master Plan.

Sky Properties will be paying particular attention to this application.  The community and this action group remain open to discussion on alternaive uses for the Mitchell Shackleton site. Unfortunately, Sky continue to ignore the community and push forward in their attempt to steamroll through the “Eco Incinerator” and their “Eco Park”.

The O’Connor decision may be subject to appeal, so we will wait and make best efforts to continue to oppose this and the Sky Proposal at every step, turn and corner.

Anthony O’Connor Application – Making it Public – Take Action Now – Dealine for Objections “APRIL 7th”

For those who aren’t aware which is probably most people, Anthony O’Connor, the owner of the land next door to the Sky Properties site has put a planning application
in to change the use of his premises to a “Waste Transfer Facility”. Are you as shocked as we were?  See more details below.

Key Considerations:
• Stock pile of 40,000 tonnes
• 200,000 tonnes per year
• HGVs to support 200,000 tonnes of waste
• Dust
• Environmental impact
• Open from 6.30 till as late as 9pm
• Further Effect on property Values

We have received no consultation on this and had heard nothing about it until one of our vigilant members found it on the list of submitted applications at the Salford City Council website. What the application proposes is changing the use of the land to become a heavy industrial processing centre for demolition waste.

If this goes ahead, it is a foot in the door for waste processing and heavy industrial activity on Green Lane. This could support the Sky ECO dump proposal and also make it much more difficult to ensure that the Mitchell & Shackleton site and surrounding areas are re-designated by the council for more appropriate uses in future. If it’s inappropriate on the Mitchell Site, it’s inappropriate next door to it. Let’s get this stopped.

CLICK HERE for the full details of the application and how to object to the council.

The Salford Planning department can also be contacted via email. So you can submit your objection to