Waiting With Faith

The inquiry has finished and now? This week was the last of the inquiry. Closing statements were made on Tuesday and the Inspector’s accompanied site visit was on Wednesday.

Closing Statements

I don’t want to go into depth on the statements, but we were happy with both ours and the Council’s closings. Regarding Sky’s closing statement and subsequent decision to attempt to rebut ours on an almost paragraph by paragraph basis, we should consider this the sincerest form of flattery.. there must have been something of value to rebut? It seemed in my subjective opinion that instead of pushing the benefits of the application and standing behind the strength of their experts technical evidence, they spent much more time trying to cast doubt over the expertise of the witnesses the opposition had presented. I guess this is just one of those planning inquiry “games” that the […]

Note to Community Speakers

If you have registered to speak at the inquiry, or would like to register to speak. There will now be two sessions dedicated to members of the community.

The Inspector has asked us to get in touch to let you know that he has now clarified the schedule and will be holding two sessions where you can have your say. The following two sessions at Monton House Hotel have been set aside: Wednesday May 16th: 6pm-9pm Friday May 25th: 9:30am- 1:30pm

If you wish to speak and are unable to make any of these days, please contact the Council’s Programme officer Frances Taylor on 07545 422 714.

Final Call To Stand Up and Be Counted


Resounding Fundraiser Success. Thank You!!

Last night saw Worsley Golf Club invaded by campaigners, residents and the wider community for the Say No campaign fundraising evening.

With the lulls in activity associated with such a long stretched campaign (2.5 years to date), it can be difficult to predict the outcome or attendance of ongoing events. When I arrived at the Golf Club at 7pm, there were two cars in the car park and around 5 people in the provided room itself. As time rolled on, more and more people arrived. First the tables around the dancefloor filled, then the tables towards the back of the room until eventually we needed to request more chairs to be brought out. In turn, they filled too.. leaving only standing room around the bar. It looked a little like this:

Sorry about quality; It was dark and there was wine involved.

Public Meeting – March 4th 2pm- Worsley Golf Club

Please attend this meeting next week. We will be giving an update on our campaign and explaining the next steps in fighting the appeal.

Please feel free to print and distribute this poster. We need you and appreciate your continued support.

We are raising funds.

It has been some time since our last update on the website. This has been due to a mixture of inactivity and other events. Most recently, our first batch of documentation was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate last week and we continue to monitor the process as developments occur.

The appeal is now scheduled to begin on May 9th. Please book this date in your diary as we will need every person able to be there. Further details will follow, but keep May 9th in mind.

Most importantly we have identified a need for legal support to assist our group through-out the inquiry. In order to get this, we need support from you. Our fund raising is progressing but above all else we need more donations.

Jan Phelan, Kirsteen McGarva and Maxine Coyle have been working hard to facilitate this and as a result […]

Over 50 reasons why Green Lane is the wrong site for a Recycling Plant (MRF)

In the latter stages of the run up to the Council panel meeting in June, Sky Properties finally provided an indication of who may be running the recycling plant in their planned facility. In fact, they even got a letter of support from JWS Waste and Recycling Services. JWS run another recycling plant in Fredrick Rd in Salford. You may remember this plant hitting the news recently, when mothers and children blocked the entrance to plant:


Families referred to the plant as “a living hell” further claiming that people living nearby were plagued by noise and dust from the site and by flies in hot weather.

We have maintained since the original proposal for this plant, that this living hell would be the reality. Additionally, a recycling plant would be a serious safety hazard so close to homes and children’s play areas. The noise, smell and pests could be considered just one of […]

VE Day – Victory in Eccles Day

On the 2nd June 2011, Salford Council rejected the Sky Properties proposal to blight the city with a waste burning incinerator.

Nearly 300 people packed out the Salford Suite at the Swinton Civic Centre to show their opposition to the application. After representations from both objectors and the applicant, the Planning Panel debated the plans to finally come to the conclusion.. “Salford Council Unanimously Says No”. We do not want it, we do not need it and we will not take it.

This is not only a victory for the city but also for democracy. The developers strenuous attempts to dupe both the public and Council into accepting this nightmare have categorically FAILED.

On behalf of the campaign group, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this struggle. Quality of life for the many has indeed overcome the greed of the few. The community has remained united through-out this 18 […]

Press Release: New report into proposed incinerator reveals shocking statistics on hazardous fumes

With a decision on the proposed Green Lane Incinerator looming this week, a new report reveals that levels of toxic pollutants in the area surrounding the planned site are already at or above legal limits set by the European Commission.

If the incinerator is given the go ahead, the addition of a further 1000 HGVs a week to local roads and emissions from the incinerator itself, will see those levels soar. The pollutants -including PM10 -have been linked to asthma in children and increased risk of mortality in people with pre-existing heart or respiratory conditions. Local resident campaign group, ╩╗Say No to the Green Lane Incinerator╩╝ plan to use the results of this study to oppose the plans when the planning panel meet on Thursday 2nd June to make a decision on whether to allow the Incinerator to be built.

They will protest outside Swinton Civic Centre on Thursday morning ahead of the planning […]

Council Meeting Rescheduled – We Will Have Our Opportunity To Speak

UPDATE 29/05/2011: The Council planning panel will be meeting in the morning of the 2nd June. We will be demonstrating outside the main entrance of the civic centre from 8:30am. After this we will be heading into the Salford Suite, where the meeting will take place.

We urge everyone to make best efforts to attend both the demo and the meeting. To attend the meeting, please let the Council know that you intend to do this.

Fill in the following form to register: www.salford.gov.uk/panel-meeting

Application Numbers: 10/59092/OUTEIA & 10/59093/FULEIA

Alternatively, you can call this number to register: 0161 793 2602

We will be there to state our grounds for opposition. We appreciate any and all support you can give. See you there on Thursday.


We have fantastic news. The Council has decided that due to massive opposition to this application, it is necessary to reschedule the panel meeting where the final decision […]