Cloud Blob Storage Trends – Time to use $/TB/month?

I love a good technology industry prediction and especially calling the Predicters out at a later time. In this case, I’m tipping my hat to Ikram Hawramani and his 2015 prediction on the continued decline of cloud blob storage costs (

In 2015, he produced this trended prediction:

4 years later in mid-2019, his trend appears to be extremely accurate. He predicted that by August 2019, the cost of Cloud Blob Storage would be approximately $10/TB/month, $0.01/GB/month in currently adopted metrics.

A recent price review by Jay Chapel, ParkMyCloud CEO at confirms:

The introduction of new Cooler Blob Storage Tiers are a relatively new development that Ikram would not have had visibility of. These are currently being priced at a fraction of a percent of a cent. For example, Glacier Deep Archive at $0.00099/GB or $0.99/TB, yes that’s right we’ve broke the $1 floor.

As the race to zero continues, when will be […]

Hyperconverged Breakout

Now for a little fun. Don’t take this too seriously. This is my homage to the ultimate start-up pioneer, Steve Jobs. A celebration of hyperconvergence.

DISCLAIMER: This game in no way represents the opinions of SimpliVity. Nor is it meant to provide any comment on SimpiVity’s competitors, there capabilities or how easy they are to explode.

Leaving VMware, Joining Simplivity

Cruise Ship with Speedboats

Things move fast in the tech industry and after a relatively brief time at VMware, I’ve been offered a new role that I simply cannot refuse. Today, I’ll be leaving VMware and moving to the hyper-converged infrastructure company, Simplivity.

In recent months, I’ve been in the exceptionally lucky position of having the option to choose between some phenomenal technology companies to decide where best to continue my career. Ultimately, the sadness of leaving the VMware team has been outweighed by the opportunity, belief in the technology and enthusiasm I feel for the Simplivity proposition. It’s difficult to describe the thought process for making such a decision but it’s best summed up here…

There’s an engineer racing across the ocean in a speedboat. He loves the speed boat, it has a great team, quality engine, it’s fast and can change direction quickly. During the race the speedboat encounters a gigantic […]

Networking Primer – Part 4: Transport Layer, TCP and UDP

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The transport layer is responsible for providing reliable data transfer services to the upper layers of the OSI stack. It is at this stage that we start to consider actually sending the data. This layer also involves the segmentation/desegmentation of data into smaller chunks. It is very rare that a network will be configured to take a large payload from one source node to a destination node. This is why we will segment the overall data payload into smaller pieces. This is also the first place in the stack where we start to apply some addressing so the destination node understands which listening receiver the data is intended to reach. This address comes in the form of a port number. The destination node may be simultaneously listening for (or have the ability to connect to) different network services and the […]

Networking Primer – Part 3: Application, Presentation and Session Layers

Previous: Networking Primer – Part 2: Defining Networking with OSI and TCP/IP Suite

I’ve decided to group the top three layers together into one post. This is because these are more related to the data to be transmitted across the network, rather than the underlying transport mechanisms themselves. These three layers deal with the semantics of the communication, such as who the data will be sent to, the format of the data and the etiquette to be adhered too between the communicating nodes.

Lego Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship: As with most technical concepts, analogies can help us understand the underpinning processes which are happening as part of the communication. For this series, I’m going to use the following analogy: I work in an office in Manchester and I’d like to send a pirate ship made of Lego to a friend, Rich, who works in an office in […]

Networking Primer – Part 1: Introduction

The world of networking has been fairly static for many years now. It’s been historically characterised by static infrastructures that require infrequent changes. These configuration changes were performed via command line interfaces by network engineers, usually sitting with a laptop and a cable plugged directly into a piece of networking hardware. Activities were manual, repeated for every individual device and extremely error prone due to the non-human readable nature of network configuration information.

The workloads running in the modern datacenter have most definitely changed in recent years. It has become apparent that the capabilities of current networking devices and operational approaches simply cannot keep up with the pace of change. In the modern datacenter, the rapid and overwhelming success of server virtualisation has fundamentally changed the way applications consume resources and the network has become somewhat of a bottleneck in providing agile, reliable and cost effective means of […]

Closing Our Doors

Hi All,

I think we are just about done. The residential application is progressing and all ideas of previous incinerator plans have been dropped.

There is still one more matter to deal with.. we still have £1900 in the Campaign Fund. When we defined our constitution as a group back in 2010, we stated that on closure, any remaining funds be donated to a local community group or charity. This is the first time I have been heavily involved in community activity and I’ve been very happy with the outcome. I am however very aware that there is a group of people who contribute in equal measure, but do this on a weekly basis and have done for many, many years. Where I will now go back to working on career and family, I feel comfortable in the knowledge that this group will continue to develop, protect and […]

What’s been happening?

It’s been some time since the last update on this website and on the campaign as a whole. Today we have news, but I’ll explain what’s been happening with the overall direction of the Green Lane site.

A short time after the Incinerator appeal was dismissed at the inquiry, Sky Properties decided to challenge the decision in the High Court. At that point, the situation became very much about Sky challenging both the Planning Inspectorate and in turn Salford City Council over the legality of the decision made at the inquiry. . this campaign group became an interested 3rd party without direct involvement in any court future proceedings.

In parallel, the other stakeholders in the Green Lane site (not Mr. Hirsch) have been assessing and discussing the possibility of submitting an application for residential dwellings on the site. Many of you will have received a letter from the consultation company […]

Book Review: Millionaire Upgrade

Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons in Success from Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane by Richard Parkes Cordock is a self-development book examining the millionaire mindset.

This is an interesting book, it takes a fictional approach to telling a real life story. The whole premise of the book is that the main character Tom is upgraded to first class by a kind and wealthy millionaire, who has a spare seat next to him in Business Class. The Millionaire protagonist usually books two seats for himself for comfort, but given that the plane is full, he agrees via the check-in staff to give up one of his seats to Tom, who would otherwise not be able to travel on the full plane. The millionaire chats with Tom and throughout the flight coaches him to develop a millionaire mentality.

There are some good nuggets of information […]

BLTbytes 2013 Technology Trend Predictions

It is that time of year when everyone realizes how wrong they were about last year’s tech predictions and publish new predictions for the upcoming year. I can with 100% confidence, claim that last year none of my predictions were incorrect, so no egg on my face related to wild claims that never happened. I can claim this because last year, I didn’t make any predictions so how can they be wrong?

I don’t think many predictions are actually ever tangible or discrete. Unless there are some seriously mitigating circumstances, most technology developments follow trends and come as no massive surprise when they evolve. This is why what I’ll be doing today is commenting on the trends rather than specific events, and these are my predictions:

5, Big Data will continue to overwhelm

Big Data was perhaps the most prominent buzzword of 2012. It […]