Networking Primer – Part 8: Summary

Holy cow, when starting to write this series I in no way expected it to turn into a 12 part, 3 month process. I have covered so much, but there is so much more that could have been covered. It’s been a challenge to keep pulling back and remembering that this is just a primer. To recap what we’ve covered by post:

Part Description Part 1: Introduction Introduction to series content and objectives. Part 2: Defining Networking with OSI and TCP/IP Suite Defining networking background, terminology and models. Part 3: Application, Presentation and Session Layers Describes the tope 3 layers of the OSI model. Part 4: Transport Layer, TCP and UDP A dip into the world of connection-orientated vs connectionless protocols. Part 5.1: Network Layer – IP Addressing IP Addresses, what they are and how they are used. Part 5.2: Network Layer – DNS and DHCP Converting IP addresses to names we can […]

Response To: Is Openstack Dead? at

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In recent months, I have heard a lot of buzz in the media about what’s happening with Openstack. Published today, I found this article on the virtualisation practice website an interesting and thought provoking read. In it, they actively question the viability of Openstack and its long-term future:

The article questions with some focus, the economic viability of the continued development of Openstack. It identifies that there appears to be a lack of a driving force behind the project In other words, a lack of any major bankrolling entity that stands to benefit from the success of Openstack. This is very bold article that will definitely shake some of the proponents of Openstack up. I can hear the heckling streaming across the blog-vines as we speak. While there are many valid points in this article stating that open stack is a “dead cloud walking” is perhaps extreme.

I […]