Appeal Attendance

Whats happening:

The Planning Inspectorate has asked that we facilitate the process of gathering information on attendees at the inquiry.  The Inquiry is currently scheduled to run between 9th May – 24th May.  Please make every effort to arrive on “May 9th” at “Monton House Hotel” to register.

The process will span multiple weeks, which will make it difficult for most people to attend everyday, so we would like to schedule attendance where possible. This should make it much easier for holidays to be booked from work and arrangements to be made.

What Information Do We Need:

Please send us the following information for each person who will attendee the inquiry:

Your Name: ****** ******

Your Phone Number: 999-9999

Your Email Address: ***@***.***

Do you want to speak at the inquiry?: YES/NO

Availability to Attend:
May 9th – YES/NO
May 10th – YES/NO
May 11th – YES/NO
May 14th – YES/NO
May 15th – YES/NO
May 16th – YES/NO
May 17th – YES/NO
May 18th – YES/NO
May 21st – YES/NO
May 22nd – YES/NO
May 23rd- YES/NO
May 24th – YES/NO

The Say No campaign will be presenting formal evidence in the later half of the inquiry.  If you want to speak as a member of the public, this will happen towards the end of the inquiry.  We encourage everyone who wants to, to speak. You have a voice and we want to ensure the inquiry hears your unique perspective on the application.

Where to send the information:

Please email the above information to:

Thank you for your continued support.