We are raising funds.

It has been some time since our last update on the website.  This has been due to a mixture of inactivity and other events. Most recently, our first batch of documentation was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate last week and we continue to monitor the process as developments occur.

The appeal is now scheduled to begin on May 9th. Please book this date in your diary as we will need every person able to be there. Further details will follow, but keep May 9th in mind.

Most importantly we have identified a need for legal support to assist our group through-out the inquiry.  In order to get this, we need support from you. Our fund raising is progressing but above all else we need more donations.

Jan Phelan, Kirsteen McGarva and Maxine Coyle have been working hard to facilitate this and as a result of their hard-work we have started to gain momentum in building our fighting fund.  I, along with a number of our committee members, have pledged £100 each to the fighting fund, to help get us started. We have also recently received assistance from Worsley Golf Club who have unanimously agreed to support our cause. Despite this we are still a fair way from our required funding target to attain the legal support we need.

This is my personal plea to you to please, please, please contribute to our fighting fund. The members of this campaign continue to commit significant amounts of time and effort to fight this inquiry, but at this moment in time we need your financial support.

Please send cheques payable to “Monton Village Community Association” with covering letter with your name & address. Send it to: Say No Campaign, 24 Canal Bank, Monton, Eccles M30 8AF.

If you would like to donate via Paypal.. please contact info@greenlaneecodump.org (NOTE: do not pay directly to this email. We will provide PayPal account details on request.)

If you have any questions, please email us on the address above.