Thank You Councillor John Cullen, Rest In Peace.




Today I attended the standing room only funeral of Councillor John Cullen at St Mary’s Church in Eccles.  For those who didn’t know, John sadly passed away last week after a period of illness.

I have only known John for a short period of time, meeting him back in 2009 and subsequently working closely together with him on the Say No campaign.  In the pivotal role of Vice Chairman, John worked tirelessly for this campaign and provided strength, knowledge and guidance to assist in all of our battles and successes.  John was a kind and caring man who never failed to stand up for what he believed in. Well loved by the Council, the Community and this Campaign, John will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts and minds.

Thank you John, for everything you did for us. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for teaching me that it’s not always the loudest man in the room who has the greatest ability to influence positive change.  You have taught us many things, not least that nice guys can win too. You are a winner and always will be.  You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.


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  1. Thankyou for this piece, I too was at the packed out church in Eccles today to attend the funeral of John Cullen, one of the greatest men I ever met and my favourite teacher from school. I also had the good fortune to work with him a few years after I left school but in either capacity he was above all a loyal and trusted friend. I first met John when he was my History Teacher, the magic he created in the classroom week-in/week-out was captivating and resulted in my life-long obsession with History and Monty Python, but his help and guidance wasn’t just confined to the lesson. John wasn’t a box-ticker who clocked in and clocked off, he really cared about his pupils and always gave freely of his own time for us. He was never too busy to help any of us with our problems, be they academic or personal, whenever we needed him and it is honestly no exaggeration when I say that John gave me some of the best advice I have ever had and provided me with a fine example to attempt to emulate.

    To hear his list of achievements rolled out during his eulogy today took my breath away, I don’t know how he managed to achieve so much in his far-too short 57 years. It is testament to the legacy of this most gentle of men that the huge Church was packed to the rafters for his funeral, a coach was required to transport the mourners and the Police were needed to manage the traffic. I feel sure that John would have waved his hands in the air and protested that it was all ‘too much fuss’ but for me it seemed most fitting and the gathering of so much affection for John in one place provided much needed comfort for the hundreds of former pupils, colleagues and constituents there today. Where I live we are currently at war with the council over an incinerator and not one of them is interested in listening to what their constituents want. If only we had someone with the integrity and passion of John.

    Goodbye John and thankyou for everything! Now go and sort ‘em out up in Heaven!

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