Hi Mum, I’m on TV – Campaign Win

For the past two years I’ve been working with my neighbours to try and stop a heavy industrial waste processing and burning plant from being built just 100 metres from my family home.  As co-founder, and soon after appointed Chairman of the opposition group (Say No To Green Lane Incinerator), I thought I’d share our recent victory with you. Below is the BBC North West Report Video:

My local Council, Salford, has assessed the proposal for the plant and all of the for and against arguments. Thankfully, they have decided to reject the application to build the facility.  I have really enjoyed working with our 1,500 member campaign group and feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know my close neighbours, as well as my local Member of Parliament (MP), Hazel Blears, who has provided support and guidance throughout.  In addition, my dual role as campaign Chairman and Spokesperson, has resulted in valuable leadership experience as well as experience with newspaper, radio and television appearances (which I hope to put to good use in future challenges and endeavours).

The case is by no means closed, as the developer may choose to appeal the council decision. Regardless, I’d like to say thanks to “Say No” supporters and all those people who contributed to the victory. Especially Boldon James for letting me take short notice holidays at critical junctures in the campaign.