Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan – Update – Sky Site Re-Inclusion Not Proposed

Back in June we posted information related to the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan:

Having failed to convince Salford Council of the benefits of their incinerator, Sky Properties chose to ignore the opinions of the City and started making moves to position for an appeal at the Regional and National level.  Just days after the Salford Council rejection, Sky’s consultant company, Entec sent letters in to the GMWDA The Green Lane Site was originally included in the regional plan as a possible site for processing waste. It was subsequently removed, as it was surplus as to requirements.

In an effort to get the site put back into the plan, Entec represented Sky at a public hearing in Stockport in late June.  Their challenge to the removal of the site from the plan, centered around capacity. They believed the the GMGU (Greater Manchester Geology Unit) had got their “figures wrong” and that there would be an shortfall in capacity should Green Lane not be used for waste. The opposing arguements were debated between the GMGU team and Entec resulting in GMGU offering a “you show me your figures, I’ll show you mine” exchange. After a short recess, they returned to the hearing where Entec conceded that they had misunderstood some of the figures and that the GMGU were right.

This week, the GMWDA released the proposed changes to the plan that were made as a result of the hearings. We are happy to say that re-inclusion of the Sky site in the regional plan has NOT been suggested. You can find more details at the GMWDA site linked above.  We have been in contact with and had confirmation from the GMWDA, that they have NO plans to re-include it in the regional strategy.

This, however, is not the end of the matter. The Inspector still has to assess all of the information presented at the hearing and make his final decision. This is likely to take several months as some other issues are being readdressed around the Rochdale area.

The failure to get the site earmarked for inclusion in the regional strategy plan, does not bode well for the Sky appeal.  We continue to add common sense ammunition to our appeal fighting armoury each and every day.