VE Day – Victory in Eccles Day

On the 2nd June 2011, Salford Council rejected the Sky Properties proposal to blight the city with a waste burning incinerator.

Nearly 300 people packed out the Salford Suite at the Swinton Civic Centre to show their opposition to the application.  After representations from both objectors and the applicant, the Planning Panel debated the plans to finally come to the conclusion.. “Salford Council Unanimously Says No”.  We do not want it, we do not need it and we will not take it.

This is not only a victory for the city but also for democracy. The developers strenuous attempts to dupe both the public and Council into accepting this nightmare have categorically FAILED.

On behalf of the campaign group, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this struggle. Quality of life for the many has indeed overcome the greed of the few.  The community has remained united through-out this 18 month battle and we can now enjoy some short but welcome respite from this attack on our homes.

We are once again willing to extend the hand of reconciliation to Mr. Hirsch, so we may come to a compromise on an alternative use for the land, which would be of mutual benefit to both Sky and the community.  For the avoidance of any doubt, should he fail to accept that hand and decide to go to appeal as he as already indicated, we promise him this:

For every objection letter sent so far, we will send three.

For every petition signature so far, we will get four.

For every “truth” we have told, we will tell five.

The Council stood up for the people of Salford this week and should there be an appeal, we re going to do the same for them.


5 thoughts on “VE Day – Victory in Eccles Day

  1. Absolutely delighted at the result and I like everyone will not rest until this nightmare is over. Well done to all the organisers and especially to everyone who spoke on the day – you were brilliant! As for Mr Hirsch and his appeal – BRING IT ON – we are ready for you!!

  2. anthony o’connor is still very confident about getting his brick crushing plant and hirsh getting his pollution plant, i dont think the fight is over by a long way. p.s. what is in the dust that comes of the mitchell site hope thers no asbestos in it!

  3. You have made the area a better place to live , for all of us. Prepare to be stopped in the street and congratulated. Thanks for the campaign. Let him appeal. We shall fight on

  4. this is more than a victory its for the health of future generations to come .people have the right to breath clean fresh air free from nano particles dioxins ect .we need health not wealth /derby faught 3 .rainworth won one 2 weeks ago ,sherwood forest is pollution free .yours is another victory derby groups congradulate you all ,dont relax dont trust them .money and waste with goverments throwing money at them .watch them close .love you all pete spondon against cyclamax incinerator /and no incinerator on sinfin lane great victory

  5. Anthony O’Conner….Green Lane…. brick crushing application! 10/58493/FUL
    When Asbestos is discovered in a building where it is impossible to removed it is encapsulated to prevent airborne fibres effecting the inhabitants, however when this building is finally demolished its building materials are crushed and used for hard core, during the crushing process harmful asbestos fibres become airborne along with brick dust exposing everyone in the surrounding area to lung diseases including asbestosis.

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