Sky Ignorant To Views of Residents, Council and Salford.

  Sky Properties will be attending a meeting by the authority in charge of creating the joint waste strategy for Greater Manchester on Tuesday 28th June. Two weeks after Salford Council’s refusal of their proposal, they have ignored the decision and have begun to position for an appeal. You can find two documents submitted by their consultant (Entec) here:

The Green Lane Site was removed from the regional plan in July 2010. The site is neither suitable or required. There may even in fact be an over capacity in the region to process waste as Sky plans too. As we have always believed, Sky will need to source waste for their incinerator from outside of the area. Not only outside the local area, but outsid ethe region! If there is already enough capacity to deal with regional waste, where will their waste come from?  Hey, why not ship it in from Europe?

They are essentially trying to get the Green Lane site re-included into the regional waste plan. You can send your thoughts and objections here:
“Mrs. Blackston can be contacted by email via or by telephoning 0161 604 7791”

Please do.

3 thoughts on “Sky Ignorant To Views of Residents, Council and Salford.

  1. I have e-mailed Mrs Blackston with my views and objections to the proposed re-introduction of the Green Lane site to the regional waste plan by Sky Properties. I urge others to follow.

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