Council Meeting Rescheduled – We Will Have Our Opportunity To Speak

UPDATE 29/05/2011: The Council planning panel will be meeting in the morning of the 2nd June. We will be demonstrating outside the main entrance of the civic centre from 8:30am. After this we will be heading into the Salford Suite, where the meeting will take place.

We urge everyone to make best efforts to attend both the demo and the meeting. To attend the meeting, please let the Council know that you intend to do this.

Fill in the following form to register:

Application Numbers: 10/59092/OUTEIA & 10/59093/FULEIA

Alternatively, you can call this number to register:
0161 793 2602

We will be there to state our grounds for opposition. We appreciate any and all support you can give. See you there on Thursday.


We have fantastic news.  The Council has decided that due to massive opposition to this application, it is necessary to reschedule the panel meeting where the final decision will be made.  We have learned that the format of the meeting will be changed, so that all those who want to speak at the meeting will be given an opportunity to do so.

You may remember that we recently complained that Sly Properties were given the opportunity to do a full presentation to the planning panel without any objectors present.  As a result we launched a barrage of calls, emails and letters to the council requesting that we also be given an opportunity to present our side of this argument in full. This request was denied.

Cllr Lisa Stone Hands 4000 Signature Petition to Derek Antrobus, Lead Member For Planning at Salford City Council

In what can only be seen as an about-turn  re-assessment of the situation, the date of the planning meeting has been moved to the 2nd of June and will occur in revised format.  It is yet to be confirmed, but the meeting may now be held for the full day and objectors will be given significantly more scope to state their case.

Well done to everyone who’s been calling, emailing and posting letters. Our opposition to the incinerator remains absolute. We do not want it, do not need it and will not take it.


THE CIVIC CENTRE DEMO HAS NOW BEEN TENTATIVELY  RESCHEDULED TO JUNE 2nd (We appreciate that people may have already booked time off work for this and will have to change dates again, but despite the Council’s seemingly unorganised operations, we really need your support, stick with us. We will only stop this together).

3 thoughts on “Council Meeting Rescheduled – We Will Have Our Opportunity To Speak

  1. We do not want this. No one does. It seems to me that this is a case of the old ‘back hander’ to the council.What other reason could there be for the council to go against such an amount of opposition? The amount of jobs it will supply does not compensate for the amount of other issues. I work where there is such a site and the amount of complaints we receive about the smell and traffic is horrendous. This has always been about a money making exercise, wrap it up how you want, but at the end of the day, the big boys want money and will go to any means to make it, people don’t matter.

  2. I and our late father are totally against this idea. We do not want it, and if this goes ahead then it is going to cause a great deal of intolerable upset within the community. I feel that if it does go ahead then I will have lost faith in the council as they know the strength of feeling regarding this and therefore they are showing that they do not care about the residents at all.

  3. No, no no. This is stupidity in itself. The people do not want it. How much do we need to do to get this message through? Enough is enough.
    If the council go ahead then maybe we need to show the council what we really think of them. There is no reason for them to disregard the community and their opinions.

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