Anthony O’Connor Application To Be Heard This Thursday (19th May)

Last year, Sky’s next door neighbour Anthony O’Connor put an application in to the Council to change the use of their site to a Waste Transfer Station. This would involve bringing in a new giant crushing machine and the associated HGVs to bring waste to/from the site. This application was submitted with no consultation with the public, or any of the neighbours to the site.

As you can imagine, most of the same objections that the local community has towards the Sky application are equally applicable to this application. The first application Anthony O’Connor submitted was refused. He subsequently reapplied at a later date, with pretty much the same application, to which all of the community’s previous objections were resubmitted.

Late last week the Council gave notice to some of the residents that the application was to be decided by the planning panel on Thursday this week. We have been in contact with the Council both yesterday and today to request that this application decision be deferred until June the 2nd as both this application and the Sky application are clearly linked by location and nature. Therefore, any decision on the O’Connor application would be “prejudicial” to the Sky decision.

For whatever reason, the Council has refused to defer the O’Connor decision. Due to the very short notice and constantly shifting dates, we have had little time to react to the Council’s actions in this matter. This is clearly something that needs to be addressed by the Council and by us.

What To Do:

Contact your local councillors, the members of the planning panel and the council officers,  to ensure they understand the implications of this decision, and the implications of the scope given to objectors.  We remain opposed to the Anthony O’Connor application on the following grounds:

  • Traffic – HGVs. HGVs and more HGVs
  • It is “not in keeping” with the Bridgewater Master Plan
  • Site not suitable due to proximity to local school
  • Noise from the giant crushing machine
  • Prejudicial and linked to Sky application

If you can make it, turn up on Thursday at the Swinton Civic Centre to object to the application. There will be no organised demo outside, but you should still make best efforts to attend the Panel meeting as a member of the public. The panel meeting is scheduled to start in the afternoon. Please turn up at the Main Reception of the Civic Centre and ask for the exact meeting time and location.

Keep up the pressure people, fight for every inch.

1 thought on “Anthony O’Connor Application To Be Heard This Thursday (19th May)

  1. Strongly object to plans it will kill the village the roads could not cope with the traffic. It would be ridiculous to have all the HGVs accessing the area via monton road, folly lane parrin lane and green lane these roads are not suitable for the amount of heavy good traffic, it will caus road blocks and accidents. It will be a health hazard, it is not right for village life it is too near houses. the area shoud be made into eco housing or a green oark area along side the canal.

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