Request Denied: There Will Be No Council Presentation

Thank you to everyone who mailed the Council requesting that we be given an opportunity to present our information, in light of the fact Sky Properties were given the same opportunity some weeks ago.

Unfortunately, we have received our answer and that answer is “No”.  In short, objectors to an application are not given the opportunity to provide a briefing to the Council, prior to the day of the formal Panel meeting where the application will finally be decided. Two 5 minute slots are given to the public at the formal meeting for objectors to make their case.

As you can imagine, having such short timeslots and also not being able to present until the actual decision meeting puts us at a disadvantage. This makes the playing field less than level. You might say the playing field is more like a steep slope, one that we’re going to have to start at the bottom and climb our way up.

Either way, as unfair as this may seem, that is where we are and we are going to have to work twice as hard to get to the top of that slope.  Our next opportunity to show our strength of feeling will be at the Panel meeting it self.  It is crucially important that we get as many people to attend that meeting as possible.  We will be demonstrating outside the civic centre in Swinton on the day of the meeting, so get your voices, placards and other gear in order and ready for use.

We have been waiting for the formal Panel meeting for almost 6 months now, each month, it seems to get pushed back another month, so co-ordinating our response has been on hold.  We will get around 10 days notice of the final date for the meeting, but until then we’ll be posting up possible dates.  Please try to keep checking in on dates, and also think about booking them (tentatively) off work if you can.

The current possible dates are as follows:

March 24th – Not likely

April 7th – Probable

Further actions will be posted soon, please keep checking back here, all asssitance is welcomed and appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Request Denied: There Will Be No Council Presentation

  1. Theses plants should not be built in a residental area, I hope that you win and the council say “NO”
    it’s about time that they worked for the people that voted them into power but power goes to their heads and then they can’t see the wood for the trees. We are fighting the Barton incinerator in Davyhulme at the moment, our thoughts are with you and hope that common sence will come to light.

  2. Good Luck! I will see how many of our group could come to your panel meeting, We have all been watching to see how things have been going on your side because you are near the end of your wait! hopefully winning, it just makes me so mad that they can try and push these through. The only people backing these incinerators are the people building them and the people who own them making them lots of money they do not care for the people and children that will be living next to them it must be stopped!

  3. We in the States, Charlotte, North Carolina, are also fighting a similar eco-park + garbage incinerator.

    Your incinerator builder, Energos, has had problems with its Isle of Wight facility. Shut down due to Dioxin emissions. You may want to check it out.

    Good Luck . . .

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