Planning Decision Meeting – Demonstration – Projected Dates

We will be holding our final demonstration outside Swinton Civic Centre on the date when the Council’s Planning Panel will meet to decide the incinerator application. The current possible dates for the council meeting where the decision on the incinerator will be made are as follows:

April 7th – Thursday Morning – Not happening this date.

These dates will be updated as we get closer to the meeting. Please consider them as tentative, as we have seen in the last few months there has been an ongoing slip from month to month, but if it’s possible to tentatively book them off work then do so.  Full details of the demonstration will be published when we have a solid date.

UPDATE: Meeting postponed until after May Elections.

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  1. Hi, I’m Chairman of the BreatheCleanAirGroup in Urmston. Please let me know when the demonstration is and I’ll be there if I can. Best Wishes

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