Campaign Update – October 2010

It has been some time since our last major update and with floods of enquires coming in, now looks like a good time to do one.

Businesses Snub The Opportunity To Discuss the “Eco-Dump”

Early in September, Sky triumphantly announced that business groups would be backing the Eco-Dump application.  This came in the form of a press release and accompanying statements from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCoC) and Institute of Directors (IoD). The IoD must have recently changed their remit and are now qualified to comment on regional waste strategies. I guess Mr. Hirsch, as a director is a member of the IoD and feels he can bring the required skills to the organisation.  The support from these groups appears to be based on there being a “pressing need” or requirement for this type of facility in the region.  Unfortunately, when they made these claims, they didn’t seem to be aware that the Sky site had been removed from the Greater Manchester regional waste strategy as surplus to requirements (i.e. not needed at all). Sky must have missed that memo, so the impact of the announcement has subsequently fizzled. Regardless, it’s not surprising that these organisations would think the proposal was a good idea. It’s a bit like PG Tips thinking it would be a good idea if everyone drank tea.

The situation on the ground is very different, with most local businesses opposing the plan. In October, Local businesses were given the opportunity to hear more sales spiel from the Sky PR crew, but the meeting was cancelled due to lack of interest.

200 With Wheelie Bins Rumble Through Monton

Last month also saw our biggest protest yet.  Over 200 people marched down Canal Bank to the site with Wheelie Bins.  This was in an effort to display the disruption that adding 960 HGVs (weekly) to the road.  We did discuss (with the Police) the possibility of marching from the top of Canal Bank down Monton Rd. The Police thought that this would be too dangerous as the traffic flow was too fast and the round-abouts would be difficult to traverse. This begs the question, if a bunch of people with Wheelie Bins would have trouble. How much trouble would a 40tonne HGV have?  We would again like to thank the police for attending and vanguarding the march.

Green Lane Property Owner Proposes Different Use For the Area

The owner of the property opposite to the Sky site came out in support of our campaign with the announcement of a waterside regeneration development that they would like to invest in.  The Business and Technology Centre would like to redevelop their site to include some new housing, a children’s play area and public access to the canal.  You can read more about this here:


We have continued to prepare for the the Council planning meeting where the fate of the application will be decided.  Our final pieces of opposition evidence have been gathered and will be sent to the Council when fully verified and compiled. In addition, there has been some unexplained activity around the road and site, with someone holding a traffic survey at the site (not sure if this was Council or Sky initiated). Unidentified engineers have also been seen measuring the round-about on Canal Bank. We will let you know when if we can find more details.

What’s Next?

We are yet to receive a date for the planning meeting.  Until we have a date, we will continue to compile our supporting information, to give us the best possible chance of defeating the application. It is likely that we will get very little notice of the date for the decision meeting.  When we know the date, we’ll email everyone and post details on the website and facebook.  The date of the planning meeting will be our last chance to protest. It will be on a week day and probably in the morning, so people may have to take the morning (or a few hours) off work.  We really need everyone to keep their eyes peeled and make every effort to attend the protest.

Watch this space.