Phone Hacking How To: Hacking Voicemail

I’ve been asked in recent weeks how the News of the World private investigators were able to hack into the voicemail of the alleged 4,000 victims of the phone hacking scandal.  While the details of all that activity are something for the police to worry about, we can explain the basic methodology of a simple attack to do this. The one probably used in the majority of cases.

In the world of Infosec there is such a thing called a spoofing attack. A spoofing attack is where you have your device (whether that be a phone, pc or laptop) send out network packets with the identity of someone else.  In the IP world, communications are broken down into thousands of small packets of data. Each packet has a destination address and a source address. When we’re trying to use a spoofing attack, we can use specialised software to send out packets, with someone else’s source address.

With the convergence of data and voice networks over the last 10 years, there’s been a proliferation of technologies that allow data networks to connect to older technologies traditionally used to provide voice services. This has come in the form of VoIP, technologies that provide Voice Over IP data network. This has brought voice communications into the realm of the computing community, and also into the hands of the bad guys in that community.. hackers.  Hackers have produced software tools, that allow them to control the data sent out over VoIP data connections, where calls are made and received.

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