Anthony O’Connor Application – Making it Public – Take Action Now – Dealine for Objections “APRIL 7th”

For those who aren’t aware which is probably most people, Anthony O’Connor, the owner of the land next door to the Sky Properties site has put a planning application in to change the use of his premises to a “Waste Transfer Facility”. Are you as shocked as we were? See more details below.

Key Considerations: • Stock pile of 40,000 tonnes • 200,000 tonnes per year • HGVs to support 200,000 tonnes of waste • Dust • Environmental impact • Open from 6.30 till as late as 9pm • Further Effect on property Values

We have received no consultation on this and had heard nothing about it until one of our vigilant members found it on the list of submitted applications at the Salford City Council website. What the application proposes is changing the use of the land to become a heavy industrial processing centre for demolition waste.

If this goes ahead, it is […]

Salford City Radio – March 16th 2010 – Recording

If you missed our appearance on Salford City Radio this morning, they were kind enough to provide us with a recording of the show.

Thanks to Phil from the Lighthouse for attending and continuing to support the campaign.

If you’d like to listen to the show please click the link below:

Click to Listen

Salford City Radio is a Salford commnuity radio station and can be found at 94.4 FM.