As A Service, Cloud Services Defined

I recently turned to my long suffering fiancee and requested that she deliver me BaaS (Breakfast As A Service) every morning. The request wasn’t well received, and neither was the long winded explanation about how everything else is available as a service these days, so why not breakfast. Needless to say, I have been making breakfast for weeks.

AAS (As A Service) is one of those marketing tag lines which seems to have taken hold and gained great tracking across the IT industry. Perhaps the most prominent of these is SaaS – Software As A Service. In this post, we’re going to explore where this paradigm has come from and we’ll look at some of the more visible acronyms out there.

From Product to Service

Historically, the majority of Information Technology was provided to organisations by software development companies, who would create products and then sell licenses to use […]

Cloud Computing/Virtualization vs Grid Computing Projects.

This article discusses the industry trend to move towards cloud computing services/infrastructure and the possible impact this may have (or have already had) on ongoing grid computing voluntary projects. We will first cover in brief definitions of cloud computing, virtualization and grid computing. Subsequently, we look at possible declines in grid computing processing being caused by the efficiencies of moving to cloud services.

What is Grid Computing?

Grid computing is a computer processing model which takes large computational tasks and splits them into smaller sub-tasks. These sub-tasks are then distributed across a network of computer processors, each doing a small part of the overall job. The sub-task results are then passed back to the central grid node for inclusion and correlation in the overall project results.

One of the pioneer projects in the field of grid computing was the SETI At Home project initiated a Berkeley University in 1999. […]