Salford Council Could Benefit From New Home Building Initiative

The UK government today announced a new initiative to provide incentives to local councils to build more residential homes:

There are 4.5 million people on council waiting lists for homes. This is a figure which dwarfs the actual 120,000 new homes built last year. The Mitchell and Shackleton site in the centre of this incineration nightmare is currently designated by Salford City Council as a “swing” site. This means it has been listed as a site which could potentially be re-zoned to allow a mixture of both residential and light commercial uses. What better time for the Council to make their decision on rezoning than now, where serious economic benefits could be gained by doing so.

The question is, will Mr. Hirsch, owner of Sky Properties, acknowledge that rezoning could be a possibilty to discuss with the Council? Or will he continue with selective blindness to these facts, while pushing on with attempts to […]

Energos’ Only UK Incinerator Still in Trouble

Lets Recycle have covered the current status of the Energos Plant in the Isle of Wight:

This is the only commissioned Energos plant in the UK. Since it was launched last year it has repeatedly failed to operated effectively, continually breaching EU limits which control emissions. The Environment Agency have mandated that a re-start plan be initiated that ensures that dioxins stay below the threshold set by the EU.

Local residents have started to express concerns related to dioxins and health risks. According to representatives from Energos at the Monton’s December consultations, if the plants experience issues, the 180 ft tower can be used as a dump valve to release any pressure in the incineration chamber. This would include any gases present. Although the Isle of Wight plant is in a non-residential area, emissions can carry for several miles. The Monton site is in the centre of a heavily populated area and next door […]

How High Exactly is a 180 foot (55 metre) tower?

It seems hard to believe but Sky Properties seem to be stating in their application, that there will be little to no visual impact from the 180 ft emission spewing tower. This 180ft incinerator stack will most likely be accompanied by a further 120 ft stack shooting vertically out of the Anaerobic Digestion plant.

Peel House is a 16 floor high rise in Eccles Town Centre. The average tree is the height of a 2 floor semi-detached.

Let’s put this into perspective. Take one relatively flat surrounding landscape. Now add a tower which is the same height as Peel House in Eccles Town Centre. How can Sky possibly claim that this won’t be visible from the surrounding areas? Don’t worry they also claim are going to plant some trees around the site, so you won’t be able to see the towers. What utter nonsense. Like most of the assumptions and statements in Mr. […]

Phil (Lighthouse) Austin Sets The Record Straight – Salford Advertiser 29th July 2010

Here is Phils Letter:

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We were also covered in this article:

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Please Sign The Online Petition – It Takes Less Than A Minute

The online petition makes a valueable addition to our cause. Please sign it. Although the petition is worthwhile, be aware that it is more important to send a personal objection letter. If you can do both, this would be great.

Here’s how:

Attention Human Receptors, Prepare To Be Assimilated By The Use Of Educational Techniques.

Someone is Telling Porkies

As seen through-out Sky Properties’ approach to the residents of Salford, they continue to place little value on the communities concerns or health. While refering to residents as “Human Receptors”, they state in their application’s Non-Technical Summary that locals will be subjected to “educational techniques”.

The only educational techniques we are interested in are the one’s where Sky provides accurate information and reveals all the facts, which they have failed to do so far. Sky’s reporting of facts as they see them continues to be from another planet.

Here is the Non-Technical Summary document included with the application:

Non-Technical Summary

This paints a very rosy picture of what is proposed and continues to roll out the same tired messages. I think my favourite quote is “the perceived image of the proposed waste facilities on the local communities can be deemed as not being a major concern”. 1500 people on Facebook, […]

How to Object – My 7 Year Old Daughter Speaks Her Mind

This letter isn’t the only thing that appears to be Mickey Mouse about this application.

If a 7 year old girl can make a clearly understood objection, so can the rest of us. Let’s keep those objections rolling in. Proud of my litte’un.

The Sky Application Has Been Submitted – Campaign Meeting Scheduled – 2pm Sat 24th July – Queen’s Arms

We’ll be meeting to bring everyone back together and to discuss the strategy for responding to the application.

The application has come in the form of two seperate applications, most sharing the same documents. You can find out more here:

Application numbers:



Time to get stuck in. We need all hands to the pumps. See you there.

Even More Traffic Troubles – Traffic Accident at Sky Site

Just two days after a HGV got stuck under the Green Lane rail bridge, the road has continued to experience traffic issues. Around 3pm today a car veered off the road and crash directly into the fence surrounding the proposal incineration site. We don’t believe there were any fatalities at this time.

These pictures were taken after the police had cordoned off the road and removed the vehicle. This is one of several accidents to have happened on Green Lane. This campaign has maintained from the start that there are serious access issues for the site and that the sharp bend on which it is placed is difficult to navigate.

The vehicle involved here was a car, we can only speculate what damage would have been caused by a 40 tonne waste truck failing to navigate the bend.

This is further evidence that traffic calming […]

Access Problems Continue to Mar Green Lane Industrial Prospects – HGV Stuck Under Bridge – Again

Yesterday, access problems continued to disrupt industrial activity on Green Lane as a HGV got stuck under the low rail bridge sited near the Queen’s Arms public house.

The stuck HGV managed to block traffic bound from Patricroft to Monton for over 25 minutes