Public Meeting – March 4th 2pm- Worsley Golf Club

Please attend this meeting next week. We will be giving an update on our campaign and explaining the next steps in fighting the appeal.

Please feel free to print and distribute this poster. We need you and appreciate your continued support.

We are raising funds.

It has been some time since our last update on the website. This has been due to a mixture of inactivity and other events. Most recently, our first batch of documentation was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate last week and we continue to monitor the process as developments occur.

The appeal is now scheduled to begin on May 9th. Please book this date in your diary as we will need every person able to be there. Further details will follow, but keep May 9th in mind.

Most importantly we have identified a need for legal support to assist our group through-out the inquiry. In order to get this, we need support from you. Our fund raising is progressing but above all else we need more donations.

Jan Phelan, Kirsteen McGarva and Maxine Coyle have been working hard to facilitate this and as a result […]

BBC Report: Lancashire residents complain over Waste Plant odour

The location and impact of recycling and materials recovery facilities continues to be hotly debated. Today the BBC reported that a facility in Lancashire is receiving a stream of compliant from residents who claim the odours are making their lives seriously unpleasant.

One local resident stated the following:

Before it was first built, there were three things they told us – it won’t be an eyesore, your property won’t be affected, and it won’t smell. Categorically all of them have been affected in a big way,” said Mr Wayne.

Do these claims sound familiar? They should, because Sky Properties push exactly the same fantastical claims. You will also notice from the image above, that the plant in Lancashire is neither in the middle of a heavily populated residential area.. or 50metres from a children’s park.

Common sense tells us that trying to put one of […]

The Appeal – It’s here and we’re going to fight it.

Many of you may already be aware, that in the last couple of weeks, Sky Properties have made an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. It amounts to an attempt to overturn the “unanimous” refusal of their application to build a waste processing and incineration facility by Salford City Council in June.

The History

It’s been almost two years since Sky started their campaign to try to dupe the community into believing that their waste site was going to be great for the area and the local residents. In that time, they have continued to forcefully exclude any thoughts, opinions, decisions and facts presented by local residents, businesses and now the Council.

Going In The Right Direction

We are happy to report that there have been many positive developments since the refusal. As the Bridgewater Masterplan gathers momentum we have seen a similar […]

Thank You Councillor John Cullen, Rest In Peace.




Today I attended the standing room only funeral of Councillor John Cullen at St Mary’s Church in Eccles. For those who didn’t know, John sadly passed away last week after a period of illness.

I have only known John for a short period of time, meeting him back in 2009 and subsequently working closely together with him on the Say No campaign. In the pivotal role of Vice Chairman, John worked tirelessly for this campaign and provided strength, knowledge and guidance to assist in all of our battles and successes. John was a kind and caring man who never failed to stand up for what he believed in. Well loved by the Council, the Community and this Campaign, John will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts and minds.

Thank you John, for everything […]

Hi Mum, I’m on TV – Campaign Win

For the past two years I’ve been working with my neighbours to try and stop a heavy industrial waste processing and burning plant from being built just 100 metres from my family home. As co-founder, and soon after appointed Chairman of the opposition group (Say No To Green Lane Incinerator), I thought I’d share our recent victory with you. Below is the BBC North West Report Video:

My local Council, Salford, has assessed the proposal for the plant and all of the for and against arguments. Thankfully, they have decided to reject the application to build the facility. I have really enjoyed working with our 1,500 member campaign group and feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know my close neighbours, as well as my local Member of Parliament (MP), Hazel Blears, who has provided support and guidance throughout. In addition, my dual role […]

Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan – Update – Sky Site Re-Inclusion Not Proposed

Back in June we posted information related to the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan:

Having failed to convince Salford Council of the benefits of their incinerator, Sky Properties chose to ignore the opinions of the City and started making moves to position for an appeal at the Regional and National level. Just days after the Salford Council rejection, Sky’s consultant company, Entec sent letters in to the GMWDA The Green Lane Site was originally included in the regional plan as a possible site for processing waste. It was subsequently removed, as it was surplus as to requirements.

In an effort to get the site put back into the plan, Entec represented Sky at a public hearing in Stockport in late June. Their challenge to the removal of the site from the plan, centered around capacity. They believed the the GMGU (Greater Manchester Geology Unit) had got […]

Energos Isle of Wight – In Trouble, Again?

The Energos Plant in the Isle of Wight, just can’t seem to stay within those legal emission limits. This time it’s Mercury.

At the June Salford Council meeting where the Sky Properties incinerator plan was rejected, a representative from Energos vehemently defended their technology. They continue to refuse to acknowledge that the plant is in fact an incinerator, although defined and classified under both UK and EU law as.. “an incinerator”. During the debate, they likened their plant to a Formula 1 Racing Car, claiming that this was a world away from a traditional incinerator which was much like a normal run of the mill family car. I don’t about you, but I’d rather not wrap my lips around the exhaust of either.

Just two months before extolling the virtues of their space age racing car of a waste burner, their only UK operational plant was […]

Poll: Who Should Become New Met Police Chief?

As the plot thickens on the UK Phone Hacking scandal, yesterday we saw the Chief of the London Metropolitan Police (Sir Paul Stephenson) resign. In an effort to help identify credible candidates to replace him. We have created the following poll to canvas the opinion of the public. Our nominated candidates are:

Robocop Rebekah Brooks Tom Pellereau Harry Potter After a long retirement, could Robocop be convinced to take the helm of the Met and utter those immortal words, “Phone Hackers, dead or alive, you’re coming with me”? His credentials for bringing justice are well documented and revered. Rebecca recently became available for new roles . In her previous role she was CEO of News International, an organisation famed for it’s ability to investigate the lives of individuals, finding the truth at any cost. Winner of the Apprentice 2011. During the Apprentice selection process Tom came up with the revolutionary idea of “The […]

Retaining X.400 Connectivity for Exchange 2007/2010

X.400 is a suite of email protocols that are now considered legacy by.. well.. almost everyone. In decades gone by X.400 competed with the SMTP protocol for domination of the email world. The argument was one of performance and reliability (X.400) versus ease of deployment and use (SMTP). SMTP ultimately won this battle as the ease of deployment generally proliferated the product, everywhere. Once in general use, the performance and reliability issues were tackled, eventually sounding the victory horn for SMTP over X.400.

The problem is that X.400 is just one of those protocols that refuses to die, and it will continue to be a slow and steady migration as it disipates. There are certainly many automated mail systems out there, that are simply not being upgraded, because the message transports are transparent to the users and many organisations take the approach of, “well, if it ain’t broke, why fix it”.