Cloud Blob Storage Trends – Time to use $/TB/month?

I love a good technology industry prediction and especially calling the Predicters out at a later time.  In this case, I’m tipping my hat to Ikram Hawramani and his 2015 prediction on the continued decline of cloud blob storage costs (

In 2015, he produced this trended prediction:

4 years later in mid-2019, his trend appears to be extremely accurate. He predicted that by August 2019, the cost of Cloud Blob Storage would be approximately $10/TB/month, $0.01/GB/month in currently adopted metrics.

A recent price review by Jay Chapel, ParkMyCloud CEO at confirms:

The introduction of new Cooler Blob Storage Tiers are a relatively new development that Ikram would not have had visibility of. These are currently being priced at a fraction of a percent of a cent. For example, Glacier Deep Archive at $0.00099/GB or $0.99/TB, yes that’s right we’ve broke the $1 floor.

As the race to zero continues, when will be ready for pricing per TB. I think soon.