What’s been happening?

It’s been some time since the last update on this website and on the campaign as a whole.  Today we have news, but I’ll explain what’s been happening with the overall direction of the Green Lane site.

A short time after the Incinerator appeal was dismissed at the inquiry, Sky Properties decided to challenge the decision in the High Court. At that point, the situation became very much about Sky challenging both the Planning Inspectorate and in turn Salford City Council over the legality of the decision made at the inquiry. . this campaign group became an interested  3rd party without direct involvement in any court future proceedings.

In parallel,  the other stakeholders in the Green Lane site (not Mr. Hirsch) have been assessing and discussing the possibility of submitting an application for residential dwellings on the site. Many of you will have received a letter from the consultation company handling the residential application, Local Dialogue. There have been several months with no update since receiving this letter. In that time, a few hurdles have been encountered for the residential application including some reservations from the Highways Agency.

Hazel Blears has been in frequent contact with the new Green Lane representatives and pushing for regular updates on where we stand with both the court action and the residential application. Hazel has been back in contact this week and sent an update… We’re happy to let you know, that the issues encountered with the highways agency appear to have been overcome. Also, although we are waiting for confirmation.. we expect the application for a court hearing to be withdrawn in the very near future.

It seems after all this time we may be back on track again. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that the court action is withdrawn sooner rather than later. Also, Local Dialogue will be starting the process of consultation on the residential application soon.. let’s be mindful that we can’t sit on the sidelines and hope that this just gets through. I encourage you all to actively engage with Local Dialogue to contribute and assist in creating a useful development on the site, which is beneficial not only for the community, but also for those who have invested in the site.

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  1. I’ve not heard from Local Dialogue, possibly because I live a bit further away. How can I get a copy of the letter that they sent out.

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