Introduction to Studying Economics at LSE

I have been researching some private investment strategies in recent days and have inevitably encountered a need to refresh my understanding of Economics. As part of this research I came across this video.  The video is the a London School of Economics (LSE) kick-off day back in 2011. It shows Professor Witztum giving an introduction to what the prospective students may have in store when they embark on learning economics at the institution.

It’s really very insightful, so I thought I would share. Something that stuck with me was the differences between “learning” and “training”, where by training you are really only repeating what someone else has already done and repeating their process. Learning can be defined as a much more philosophical experience. This guy is a very engaging speaker and worth listening to.

If you don’t want to watch the full video, you can skip the content after the first 30mins. The latter content is focused on course specifics. That is unless you actually want to know the course specifics.