Book Review: Brilliant Selling 2nd Edition – What the best salespeople know, do and say

Brilliant Selling by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird takes a one inch deep, one mile wide look at selling skills, activities and results. If you are new to selling or just need to step back for a refresher this is a great book to get you started.

The book takes you through a journey to understand all aspects of selling. Starting with views on your personality as a salesperson, moving through processes and planning to effective to communication for understanding buyer needs and motivations. The journey is a well structured one where each chapter builds nicely on the previous nuggets of wisdom. Although lacking depth in some areas it does provide an excellent springboard to give a wide view of the topic and also stirs lots of different ideas for you to think about.  I found the content associated practical exercises very useful to help me understand and analyze my current opportunities. They can really give you a push to think laterally and honestly about where your opportunities really sit.

One major highlight for me in the book was the section on understanding buyers mindsets, needs and motivations. This includes the main reasons why people do or don’t buy. The documented survey results really help isolate buyer fears and motives; every salesperson should have an understanding of these to help bridge that cross-table relationship between buyer and seller.

Another recommended read. If you would like to purchase this book, please support this site in the process, by clicking the image above.