War On Procrastination – Angry Birds Must Die

So, I was sat in on Friday evening minding the kids, when I thought.. Hey, I’ll have a crack at the next level on that well known mobile game, Angry Birds.

The enemy of progress.

An hour passes and I’m still happily launching through levels, getting 3 stars where I can and pre-emptively restarting levels where defeat is certain. I’m then on to two hours of playing, still happy to squash as many pigs as is possible. After a while, it occurs to me that I’ve just done this for most of my evening. In fact, in addition to this evening,  I’d probably lost 7-8 hrs to it over the whole week.

It’s easy to get caught up in this simple but addictive game playing, but unfortunately, there’s little to no value in doing it. In 2 years time, am I really going to care how many levels I managed to get 3-stars in? In 5 years, am I even going to remember the game at all? Probably not.

Sometimes you need a gentle shove to look at how your spending your time, so I thought I’d stick my old film director’s hat on and launch the “war on procrastination”.  A few hours later and I actually feel like I’ve achieved something.  If you’re currently slinging angry birds at rogue pigs, or for that matter playing any other useless game, take a moment to think about what you could be doing instead. Do something epic, do something worthwhile, aim high and think big. 

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