The Best Joke I’ve Heard This Year

Apparently, it is possible to die from laughter, as I almost found out while reading Sky Properties latest press release:

Sky Properties have “welcomed” the Council’s approval of an application to build homes on the old GUS industrial site, close to the Sky Incinerator location.  They go on to claim that the development of homes on the nearby site is complementary to their plans to build the waste incinerator.  Did you fall of your chair too?  As we have come to expect from the Sky PR machine, they have rolled out the old inaccurate claims that they hope will sway opinion towards acceptance of their nightmare proposal.

In Other News: Greengrocerers draft in Sky's PR company to help with surplus orange stocks.

I think my favourite tosh in this article was the, “homes could receive their heating and power from waste treated at the Eco Park”. Does anyone remember the public meeting when they tried to sell this idea to the community? They had a lovely green picture of some place in Norway where this supposedly happens. When asked if it could work on Green Lane.. It was clear that it would probably take 15-20years to develop the same kind of system, it would require massive reconstruction of the surrounding residential neighbourhoods  and that there weren’t even any plans to do that. In short, it wasn’t relevant or possible at this time. That discussion ended very quickly.

Now, to bring us back into the real world.. the development of the housing project on the GUS site does appear to be in line with the Bridgewater Master-plan for redevelopment of the area. It also displays a marked, but continued shift away from heavy industrial use in the area which is welcomed by the surrounding communities.  Certainly, from the GUS site’s point of view, would the owners of those new homes really want to sit in the shadow of this incinerator tower?

The decision on the application will now be after the May elections. We contniue to hope that common sense prevails and that the application is rejected.

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  • anthony ely

    As a community we have been fighting plans to build and efw plant ok gassification plant oh okay an inicinerator by that wondeful company Ener-g aka Energos.
    All i have read is no surprise and it seems that you have the same oafs on your planning commitee as well.
    These plants are hazardous to health and the promise of energy very much a pipe dream.
    All we can look forward to is increased health problems both now and in the future.
    we are still fighting in Knowsley as this plant has not been built yet so maybe a joined up response may be beneficial to us in campaigning against these developments.
    i see that Hazel Blears is now opposed to this having previously as a minister been right on the side og Energos who have her proudly displayed within a news item on their website (30/1/10)
    keep up the fight and good luck

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