New Study Confirms Incinerators Linked to Birth Defects

The Daily Mail today published the findings of a new study into the effects of incinerators on pregnant mothers living near by:


“Mothers living near incinerators have a higher risk of having a baby with spina bifida or a heart defect, a new study has found. The research also found an increased risk of stillbirths among women who lived close to a crematorium compared with those living further away.

The authors stressed the study did not provide conclusive evidence that living near an incinerator or crematorium caused birth defects or stillbirths. But they said the issue should be investigated further, especially as incineration was becoming widely used method of waste disposal.

The research, in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, analysed all births in Cumbria between 1956 and 1993.  During this period there were almost 245,000 births, of which 3,234 were stillborn and 1,569 had congenital abnormalities. A further 2,663 babies died shortly after birth.

The study found that for babies whose mothers lived near incinerators there was no increased risk of stillbirth or death shortly after birth.  But they found the risk of neural tube defects, particularly spina bifida, was 17% higher, and heart defects 12% higher, among babies born to mothers who lived near an incinerator.

When they concentrated on the period before the incinerators starting working, no increased risk of stillbirths or birth defects was found.

For mothers who lived near a crematorium, the study found the risk of stillbirth was 4% higher. And the chances of the baby having a life-threatening brain abnormality known as anencephalus was 5% higher.”

Can it be spelled out any clearer for Sky? We don’t want your poison, we don’t need your poison and more importantly.. we are NOT going to take your poison.

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