Energlos Releases Incinerator Redesign Plans

Energlos today released the new technical specifications to be used in their existing and future incinerators.  The Energlos management team are hoping that the changes will rescue their only UK incineration facility, based in the Isle of Wight.  The Environment Agency recently ordered the shut down of the IoW plant, as it has repeatedly failed to run within the legal limits for controlled emissions.

Someone said, “Having had issues with the technology involved in the IoW plant, we decided to go back to basics. We are confident that these changes will get this ‘pig’s ear’ back on track.”

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The new design is also billed for inclusion in the proposed Green Lane Eco Farce. Ski properties, owner of the Eco Farce plans, has been waiting for the changes for some time.  Anton Herse, MD of Ski, said “We are ‘delighted’ that the new plans are now complete.  They have changed somewhat, but we do believe that they will have a positive impact on the local community.  For example, the giant green teapot will be sourced locally and could produce brews for as many as 15,000 homes.”.

Surprisingly, PG Tips and Tetley Tea have supported the move. Telus Anutha, spokeperson at Tetley, said “Drinking Tea is a basic human right.  In addition, the Green Lane Eco Farce could bring as many 3 jobs to the local community, one to pour, one to stir and one to put the sugar in”.

The local community remain unconvinced.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is a work of fiction and completely untrue.  All characters appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons/organisations, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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