WE ARE MARCHING!!! Saturday 18th Sept 2010 – Midday

If there is an event you turn up to this year, make it this one. It has been a long haul to get to where we are today, and everything has culminated to this show of opposition.

Please turn up at the car park adjacent to the roundabout at the top of Canal Bank at 12:00 (midday) on Saturday September18th 2010. We will be marching with Wheeley Bins, in convoy, down to the site and back again.

What you wil need:
* Most importantly You!
* Friends and Family
* A Wheeley Bin for Each Adult (A colour of your choice). It should be clean and empty. This is not mandatory, but bring one if you can.

* A Say No Logo Taped to the front of the Bin
* A Gas Mask (Available from Fancy Dress Shops)
* Placards.

If you will be attending this event, please RSVP. We are in contact with the local police and unless we can provide approximate numbers, we will not be able to protest. If there are friends and family attending who aren’t on facebook, please get them to confirm there attendance with an email to: info@greenlaneecodump.org

Spread the word. This is our chance to be heard. This is the big one.

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