Energos Isle of Wight Plant Fails Dioxin and Furan Emissions Tests

The facts continue to refute Energos’ claim regarding the emissions from their incinerators.

Energos marketing collateral regularly and boldly claims that the emissions from Energos’ plants are less than 2% of the permitted EU limit for Waste Incineration.  Nick Dawber (Energos MD) recently reiterated this claim in the public meeting at the Monton House Hotel on January 25 2010.  Stating that emissions from the plants are 1-2% of the EU limit.

Earlier this year, we released figures from the Environment Agency report on the Energos Isle of Wight plant that clearly show the reality. In some cases, the reality being that the actual emissions are up to 400 times more than those presented in the Energos literature. Here are the figures released for October 2009:

The recently released tests show that the plant continues to emit dangerous levels of emissions, exceeding the permitted EU limits on Dioxins/Furans by more than 8 times:

Continued failures at the plant had led to it only operating for 58 days between 1st January 2010 and 30th Arpil 2010. While Sky and Energos continue in their attempts to mislead and manipulate their figures, we will continue to seek the truth.  Here it is in black and white. We will not have the wool pulled over our eyes.

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