Ellesmere Park Residents Association(EPRA) offers full support to Say NO campaign.

Members of the Say No To Greenlane Incinerator Campaign recently attended the monthly EPRA meeting at Monton Sports Club – 24th Feb.

Presentations were delivered during the meeting regarding positive developments in Salford and Eccles. Developments on the Three Sisters field, Media City and the Bridgewater Canal Masterplan were all discussed.  During the Bridgewater Canal presentation the development of a Monton Marina was covered and several canal side photos were displayed. One photo was of the now demolished Mitchell and Shackleton building which was directly adjacent to the canal and on the proposed waste processing and incineration site. This generated a ripple of murmers when the presenter stated that part of the objective of the masterplan was to improve the aesthetic views of the canal side to promote tourism. At this point, one member of the EPRA shouted “Improve the view, why don’t we knock it down and build a dirty great big incinerator there!”. The audience responded in support of the member.

During a mid-session break the campaign group were introduced and had several conversations with the EPRA members, all were in support of the Say No campaign and offered assistance.  A petition was quickly filled and a makeshift one created to cater for more signatures.  Towards the close of the meeting members of the campaign thanked the association for it’s support and requested a formal statement of support moving forward.  A show of hands was subsequently requested resulting in a unanimous show of support for the Say No campaign.

Further communications have been received from the EPRA who are now looking to actively assist the campaign.  This continues to push the groundswell of public support for the campaign alongside the Monton Village Community Assocation (MVCA) and other groups.

We would like to thank the EPRA and appreciate their continued support in fighting to stop the Sky Properties proposal.  The facebook group for the campaign currently holds over 1300 members and continues to grow on a daily basis.

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